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Our focus is on the history of black music across the diaspora. Using academically reliable sources, we write about the music of the Afro-Atlantic. Our contributors are from the UK, and they write from this perspective. The term 'Afro-Atlantic' describes a culture that transcends ethnic and national boundaries. As opposed to being specifically British, American, Caribbean or African, it is all of these. We provide musicological perspectives on Afro-Atlantic music for a general audience. As the musicologist Sam Floyd said, 'our purpose is not to pursue an “us too” or “we were first” or “ours is better” approach to documentation, but to place black music events in their proper musical and historical perspective.' Join us on the journey.

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Picture: Louis Armstrong (L) and Eduman Hall (R) laughing on stage in front of a huge crowd in Ghana. - Accra, Ghana. (Original Caption) "Satchmo" jazzes up Africa. Accra, Gold Coast: Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong (left) whoops it up with Edmund Hall and "Trummy" Young for a huge crowd at Accra, African Gold Coast city. The American jazz band spent three days there while en route back to the U.S. after a European tour. Officials had to ask Satchmo to tone down his blood-stirring music lest there be a riot from pure joy. (Photo by UPI/Bettmann/Getty Images)

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